Become Fit, Strong, and grow your Muscles on an exclusively Plant-Based Diet

When fitness comes to mind, the next things will be strength, muscle, and inevitably diet. Many will question how feasible it is to build muscles on a...

Exercises for the Elderly recovering from a Stroke to work the Whole Body

Introduction Stroke survivors looking to regain their mobility must make exercising an important aspect of their lives. Upon leaving inpatient rehabilitation, a continuous home exercise regimen is one of the most...

Expert Tips to Achieve Success as a Vegan Based Business

Urban communities are driving towards healthier lifestyles leading to the rise of vegan businesses such as vegan fitness clubs and restaurants. We connected with German-born, Thailand-based celebrity...

High-Intensity Interval Training Versus High-Intensity Functional Training. Which Is Better?

Let’s get into an in-depth evaluation of the two by enlisting the knowledge base and experience of vegan fitness coach Steve Pilot. What is HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) HIIT...

Master Your Health and Fitness with Tips from A Vegan Fitness Coach

Health and fitness can be an edgy subject, so it’s not unusual to feel defensive or under attack, especially when you’re first starting or wondering if it...

The Vegans Guide to Fitness, Strength and More Muscle

We get up close and personal with fitness coach Steve Pilot. Being vegan is a faith. You believe, you practice and you preach. You learn, do consistently...

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